Internet Explorer 9 64-bit

The 2011 edition of the browser built by Microsoft


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  • Category Web browsers
  • Program license Free
  • Version 9.0.8112.16421
  • Size 36.38 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Microsoft

Internet Explorer 9 64-bit is a newer web browser from Microsoft that offers some great protection for those who love surfing the web.

Surfing the web requires the use of a good web browser. That browser will let you access sites, keep track of previously visited sites, and even retain the passwords that you use on all your favorite sites. Internet Explorer 9 64-bit comes with new graphics and can support the graphics of popular online games to make playing online an entirely new experience.

Like previous versions, IE 9 comes with great features and buttons that let you move back and forth between pages. Clicking on the right side of the current tab lets you load a new tab. While you can have dozens of tabs open at the same time, the more tabs you open, the slower your computer will run. Other buttons let you close the entire window, go back to your home page, bookmark a site, or add a page to your list of favorites. You can use other buttons to access all bookmarks and favorite pages.

IE 9 64-bit can also support feeds. Each time you visit a site and add it to your feed, the web browser will add it to your feed section. When you access that section later, you can instantly see which sites have new content or posts available. This is a great way to keep track of blogs. You can also use IE 9 to view your history. The browser lets you view that history by date or name, and you can even view sites that you visited months ago. IE 9 will keep a record of each site that any user visits unless that user surfed the web in private mode.

Though IE 9 64-bit comes with some great features, including protection that keeps you from visiting sites loaded with adware and viruses, it's a little slower than other browsers and has a clunky look. While you can clear your cache and make changes to speed up other browsers, there is no way of speeding up this one. There is also a chance that you might visit sites that do not support IE and sites that require Chrome or Firefox. Depending on how you browse and surf the web, Internet Explorer 9 64-bit might be a good alternative to other browsers, though.


  • 64-bit feature supports popular online games and videos
  • Some security features protect you from dangerous websites
  • Can support multiple open tabs at the same time
  • Keeps accurate records of the browsing history of each user
  • Various buttons let you open new tabs, view your home page and bookmark sites


  • Lacks the protection and security features found with other browsers
  • Is harder to use than Chrome or Firefox
  • Not all websites and games will work with Internet Explorer
  • Lacks any way to speed up your browsing sessions
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